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Bronze Star

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Silver Star

The bronze star represents participation in campaigns or operations, multiple qualifications, or an additional award to any of the various ribbons on which it is authorized. The silver star is worn in the same manner as the bronze star, but each silver star is worn in lieu of five bronze service stars.

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Silver/Bronze Stars

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Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster

When worn together on a single ribbon, the silver star(s) will be worn to the wearer's right of any bronze star(s). The bronze oak leaf cluster represents second and subsequent entilements of awards.

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Silver Oak Leaf Cluster

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Silver/Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster

The silver oak leaf cluster represents sixth, 11th, etc., entitlements or in lieu of clusters. Silver oak leaf clusters are worn to the wearer's right of the bronze oak leaf cluster.

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The Valor Device

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Valor Device and Clusters

The "V" device represents valor and does not denote and additional award. Only one may be worn on any ribbon. The "V" device, when worn on the same ribbon with clusters, is worn to the wearer's right of such clusters.

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