The  F-94B Starfire

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Photo donated by Bob Arndt of the 319th

Lockheed F-94B Specifications* 

(F-94's,  First Afterburner)

Span w/ tip tanks 37' 5"
Wing Area 234' 8"
Length 40' 1"
Height 12' 7"
Empty Weight 10,064 lbs.
Max Gross TO Weight 16,000 lbs.
Max Safe Landing Weight 13,400 lbs.
Wing Loading w/Combat Fuel 57.4
Wheel Tracking 8' 7"
Max Speed @ Sea Level 600 mph
Combat Speed (Basic Mission) 426 kt
Initial Rate of Climb 6,858 fpm
Service Ceiling 47,000 ft
Combat Radius 239 sm
Ferry Range 1,275 sm
Armament-Machine guns 4-50 cal.
Engine-G.E. J-33A-33


* For a more detailed history of the F-94 Starfire visit

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